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We use USPS flat rate shipping.  The great thing about this is, that the boxes are all rated for 70 pounds.  What this means for you, is that you can ship 70 pounds of targets for one flat price.

The only issue is, that we have to do the shipping manually, because the website cannot figure out complex shipping like this.  So, if you are buying more than one target please give us a call so we an minimize shipping costs for you. ;-)

We welcome comments!!!

This is a brand new web site.  If you have a question, and don't see it here, please send it to me and I can post it here in the FAQ.  I am sure you are not the only person with this question.

I don's see what I want in your products.

We pride ourselves in being able to custom make pretty much any kind of target.  Also, we custom cut many different thicknesses and shapes in AR500.  If you don't see it, just send us an email and ask.

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